Nova House®

Audition Taping. Writer's Room. Creative Space. Classes. Community.


Are you CASTING a project? Cast at Nova House! Our rates are designed for the first-time/nano-budget/indie producer. Let us help you get your passion project going! 

Benefits of casting at Nova House include:

-Clean, warm, inviting, and creative space
-Furnished casting office, lights included (for Casting)           
-Access to TWO beautiful, comfortable waiting areas for talent
-Sign in/printing station
-Access to coffee/tea/water
-Late night/weekend hours
-Access and casting notice sent to Nova House's membership base of actors
-INCREDIBLE rates designed to propel filmmakers and their projects


Need a place to REHEARSE for your upcoming play/showcase/scene night?  With two different rehearsal spaces designed to work within your budget, Nova House can accommodate that too!

Benefits of rehearsing at Nova House include: 

-Clean, warm, inviting, and creative space
-TWO different rehearsal spaces depending on your needs           
          --A large, open, adaptable space for larger casts
          --A smaller, private room for scene/monologue work
-Access to coffee/tea/water
-Late night/weekend hours
-Access to a large conference table and dry erase board
-FANTASTIC rates designed to support independent artists



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