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Offering free workshops for members with industry professionals. Past guests include Casting Director Rhavynn Drummer, writer Michael Lucker, TDA Agent Carol Shaginaw & more! Our Social Committee made up of Nova House members also holds regular movie nights & game nights at the space, along with heading out into the Atlanta community to support members in their various performances around town.


The first and best membership based taping service in Atlanta. Offering UNLIMITED audition taping until 1:00AM, open 7 days a week. Pricing at $80.00 or $40.00/month for full service or self service memberships. One time self-service taping passes available for $25.00.


Brian Patacca, creative career coach and founder of Actor Salon, is teaching his brand-new, breakthrough career training live, in-person at Nova House.

Brian has been coaching actors on the business for over a decade and he’s going to be here in Atlanta bringing his inspiring energy and powerhouse industry knowledge, so we want to be sure you don’t miss out.  


  • Get better at branding so you can laser-focus on the opportunities that are meant for you and ditch the scatter that's holding you back

  • Create a database that makes sense - and actually keeps you connected in your industry relationships so you can "cash in" on opportunities and • quit spinning your wheels

  • Run your business from a spiritually, financially, and energetically grounded place so that your life does not become your never-ending to-do list

  • Nail your next meeting with a simple two-part system that is guaranteed to leave an impression and keep you clear-headed so you can be explicit with your intentions with your new or existing representation

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